“Throwing yourself into a job you enjoy is one of life’s greatest pleasures

Richard Branson

This is why after 16 years we still get up every morning excited to be part of Indigo.

In this time we have learnt a lot, we’ve been challenged, we’ve jumped at new opportunities, we’ve been creative, we’ve had fun, we’ve employed many talented and lovely people, we’ve lived through a recession and most importantly we’ve made a difference to our clients and the people they support. Being a teenager isn’t always easy!

However, with every additional year of experience we have increased our knowledge and gained a deep and detailed understanding of the sectors we work in. We’ve developed the maturity needed to deal with the challenges our clients face, and we have the foresight to identify new opportunities and know how best to deliver services that meet our clients’ needs.

What we do

Our aim is to support our clients to realise their strategic vision.  With our help they achieve better outcomes; increased funding, deliverable business plans, successful projects and inspiring events.  Ultimately, we build capacity and support our clients to grow stronger, enabling them to provide better services for the people that they support.

What our clients say

“Having worked with the Indigo Team for several years I have always found the experience to be positive and supportive. Professional, astute and personal. Their input has been invaluable to our development. Thank you Indigo”

Jill McGrath – Chief Executive. YMCA Perth and District

Who Do We Work For?

Indigo works across many sectors and a wide range of organisations – voluntary organisations, social enterprises, government departments, local authorities, further and higher education institutions, economic development agencies and the private sector.